Casual Lolita

So I got my new skirt in the mail today and I had to wear it. My first attempt at casual lolita!

I tried a Red, pink and white combo. I think it came out pretty cute. Any constructive critique is welcome. I know the cutsew had some green in it so I wore some Strawberry Earrings to help with that.

Outfit Rundown:
Cutsew: Violet Candy
Skirts: Pizzicato Kei Pink Prototype Skirt and Fan Plus friend
Socks: Betsey Johnson
Shoes and Jewelry: Vintage and Homemade
Headbow: Bodyline
Purse: Offbrand
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Lolitin life!

So I bought this skirt off of the community last week. It looks pretty good and actually came at the best time cuz I'm going to use it at work. I'm a preschool teacher and next month is all fairytales and nursery rhymes. So I'm using this skirt to be Little Miss muffet.

Also I found this awesome tutorial on how to make a quick and cheap half bonnet on this blog

So I figure I'll just wear my white blouse, with my white knee highs and all I need are some new pink or white shoes to go with my ensemble. Hmmmm. Now I can dress in lolita everyday for the next month. Also...yes...I am definitely going to wear my new pink wig with my miss muffet coord and others. :)

Oh how that made my day. :)

P.S. Is it Friday yet?!
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I just don't know anymore. I feel theres always someone trying to ruin things for you because their jealous or feel other peoples lives are a game. By saying "No" to something it puts me as the bad guy and dealing with other people just being outright mean. Honestly, people do need to learn from their mistakes and I'm tired of having to clean it up all the time. So now their trying to gang up on me and ruin my life...why? Cuz their bored with their pathetic lives and want to ruin mine. I'm just so frustrated with work, people, and everything. I'm just done. Absolutely done. I want to run away and leave here. I just want to get away from everybody. Cuz sometimes I feel they care what I think.


So it's the end of week one about and I've lost about 10 pounds give a few half a pounds or less here and there. I am soo happy and proud of myself. I didn't starve myself I just ate as much as I wanted and I ate a lot but only of fruits and vegetables. Plus going for 20 minute walks everyday. I feel better, I have more energy and I'm just happy!

20 more to go. So I went to Burlington goat factory today and found this pink strapless dress with black lace overlay. So pretty but not in my size. So they had one a size down and it's definitely my goal dress to wear for my party in April most likely unless I find something else.

I also came across this amazing site by mistake and I want to own so many things from it that it's not even funny. HAHA. They have a huge selection of lolita outfits for dirt cheap. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY ^-^

Other than that everything's going fine and dandy here in AZ. I wish I could visit home sooner but I want to look amazing and I kinda want it to happen fast. Maybe I'll finally sign up for hot yoga and shed off those pesky pounds a little faster. You never know. We'll see.

I just gotta keep reminding myself...that I can do whatever I set my mind to and it will definitely happen. A smaller ass and a flat stomach here I come. Woot woot!
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Day 1

Okay so day one went well. I had to work 7 to 6 today which was extremely long but I had a blast. Woot woot! My coworker hurt herself ice skating...such a klutz so i covered her shift. Well heres to losing 30 pounds. HAHA.

-worked out today
-didn't eat any candy
-didn't stress
-ate less than 100 calories

So I better lose a bazillion pounds. Just kiddin. Other than that everything on the relationship front is going amazing! Gil and I have discussed many things and he and I are accomidating each other so well. It makes me so happy. Plus he bought me a brand new gaming computer for Christmas and The Sims3!

I can't wait for the Renaissance Faire as well. Gil said he's gonna take me to the Pleasure feast on Valentines Day :). I might get a period authentic costume this year. Also I get to get a few more outfits cuz of AB and other conventions. Gil told me he had some kind of surprise for me for Valentines...hmmm...I wonder what it is...

As the days draw closer I can't wait for my party bus birthday bash with Kathy when I go to visit back home. I miss everyone and everything although I am having a blast enjoying 70 degree sunny weather with no chance of rain. YEAH!
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